Who are we?

Welcome to Abbey West Recording, your premier destination for professional audio recording and production services in Reno, NV. We specialize in delivering top-notch recording experiences tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a band seeking industry-standard recording and mixing, a solo artist in need of musical backing tracks, require voiceovers for film projects, or have an unfinished project requiring expert attention, we’ve got you covered. From music albums to film audio and voiceovers, we handle it all with precision and excellence. Need a catchy jingle or theme song for your business? Let us craft, record, and produce one for you, ready for broadcast. Trust Abbey West Recording to bring your audio vision to life.

Our Services

Our comprehensive suite of services caters to musicians, bands, solo artists, and businesses alike. From industry-standard recording, mixing, and mastering to crafting captivating jingles, theme songs, voiceovers, and film audio, we’re dedicated to bringing precision and excellence to every project.

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Band & Solo Artist Recording

We offer professional recording services for bands and solo artists. From full band sessions to intimate solo performances, we capture your music with clarity and professionalism.

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Music Production

We have 40+ years of musical experience at your service. Our team offers song consultation, arrangement, coaching, composition and total production from ideation to distribution.

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Jingle & Theme Song Composition

If you're seeking a theme song or catchy jingle, let us handle it all – from writing and recording to expert mixing, ensuring a polished final product.

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Voice Over & ADR

From movies and short films to animations and beyond, trust us to deliver professional-grade audio to elevate your project.

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Podcast Recording

Unlock your podcast potential with our professional production services, tailored to elevate your unique voice. From concept to distribution, we ensure your message resonates with clarity and impact.

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Studio Talent

Whether you're seeking expert musicians, vocalists, or voice actors, we provide top-notch talent tailored to your specific needs.

The Studio

Here at Abbey West Recording we are proud of our ever-growing collection of top of the line equipment.


At Abbey West, we’re committed to elevating your recording project from good to phenomenal. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the difference for yourself. You’ll be thrilled you did!

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