Pricing & Packages


The studio rate is $40.00/hour. A minimum of two (2) hours may be purchased.

A 50% deposit of the time booked is required to reserve any time slots. Full payment is due at the end of each session.

Five hour blocks may be purchased for a reduced fee of $180.00. Full payment is required up front to receive discounted rate.

A five hour block may be broken up into two or more sessions.

There are no refunds on session time.

Studio use and/or tours are by appointment only.

Masters and final mixes/remixes will not be released to the artist/client until all studio fees have been paid in full.


    1. No illegal drugs shall be brought onto the premises.
    2. No weapons of any kind shall be brought onto the premises.
    3. No pornographic materials shall be brought onto the premises.
    4. Any intoxicated people will be asked to leave immediately (this includes any type or level of intoxication).
    5. Crude behavior of any sort will not be tolerated.
    6. Excessive use of profanity outside of the Main Control Room will not be tolerated.
    7. There is no smoking in the studio.
    8. Due to the tight working space, no more than 2-3 extra people (persons who are not involved in the recording/mixing process), will be allowed to stay (hang out) in the studio.
    9. Politics, religious beliefs, family values, etc., are not discussed in the Main Control Room.

    Loud tracking (i.e. drums, loud amps, etc…), will not be recorded between the hours of 8PM – 9AM.

    No prolonged gear storage in the studio will be allowed unless it is expressly worked out ahead of time with the studio manager.

    The studio will completely power down in the event of an electrical storm. As a result, any hours booked, prepaid or not, will also be put on hold until work can safely resume.

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